Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 4:16 PM

im NOT new! just was young and confused

Hello world! my twitter name is HB_DidItOnEm. I am NOT new! I've been on twitter since january 2010. (not a LONGG time I know) I have had about 3 accounts that have all been suspened. lol. I cant remember the names all exept for one which was HBrocksdotcom.
I was like the first person to "be on board" with #BDWR. I always called in but now i dont really do that anymore. I have to start back but I've been keepin updated with #PFR.
I love Nicki Minaj as you all know! (or why else would I be blogging and have a twitter name bout her??) Anyway doe.. I've known Nicki since Beam Me Up Scotty, but I never really stayed up to date with her until "5 star chick." The reason for this is because I was infatuated with Tyra Banks, and I still am just not as much.
The reason why I think people didnt notice me is because I was 12 years of age when I first started twitter. I wasnt very 'social' and I was goin threw tough times. I didnt understand why I was put on this earth. I always thought I didnt 'fit in' (even with people who didnt know me) When #BDWR started I had figured "maybe since there 'famous' with in team Minaj that I could be someone" (lol me and my childish mind) Even though I am only 13 I have grown so much and I feel like it is because of team Minaj that I have done so. (some of you barbs *cough* think that Im 17.. smh. hoes. But now you know) Most of team Minaj is nice and 'understanding.' You barbs and kens were there to tell me not 2 be nervous and Nicki made me feel special cuz she doesn't put people down. Most of you on this team are very empowering and can give a damn good speech if I might say so. Im GLAD and THANKFUL that I am apart of this team! I WOULD DIE FOR TEAM MINAJ! (well maybe not all of you. lol)

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    On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 4:49 PM, hmm...let's think... said:

    aww omfg, u r so friggin precious wtf. smh. dont be mad. im just goin through so much similar things right now smh..::sigh:: =P

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