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Team Minaj

I want to shout out some of the team minaj members that i feel have 'touched' me. pauz. like i will always say.. i love team minaj and you barbs/ken give me life!!!! first lets start off with...

@Jociecakesminaj- your the bestest! i havent known u as long as smart persay but i feel like your a big influence on me. your very nice and sweet. i LOVe your story. your very talented and me and u HAVE 2 colab. (lol even though i KNOW your gonna murder me.) if any bum try 2 touch you tell them 2 get of they "wet wipe status' cuz ur bout 2 run out of wipes! (wet wipe status made and patented by jocie)

@mssmartbarbie- you were the first person who ever really just became my friend through twitter. i thank you for that. i look up 2 u because ur so freakin crazy! omn! PAM PAM! lolll u give me LIFE!

@nickiconquers- your so freakin fetch yo! tryin 2 be a rapper an all lat! i SEE you lil nikka! best believe ima be your introducer doe -__-! lolll! your like the funniest, mental, NBA person i have ever met! people wish they was like you!! cheahhh

@firstladyminaj- i JUST talked 2 you on the phone yesterday and i feel like we have so much in common! lmfao! your very nice and i KNOW we gonna have many fun filled conversations! i would say ur crazzii but as u can see most of team minaj, if not all of us, are crazii! lmfao

@nickislatinbarb- ima a proud #yanistalker and i stand tall! #Yanistalkers on deck, patron on ice, we can stalk yani whenever we like...ohh we can stalk yani weneva we like! cheahhh (curtisy of @nickiconquers) i love your voice just like probly anybody else and ur speeches can either bring people up or make them sad! (this is the same with Biskit) your very influential. the way you host #PFR and have to do so much work by yourself and also handle school and keepin up with Nicki and SB is something for me to look up 2 alone. p.s. is the only NUT u have ur Left?? *ponders*

@nickiscarebear- hiiiiii shonda! i dont really know you that well other then from tinychat but i would love to get 2 know you more foe the simple fact that ur just an amazing fun person.! i mean.. who else would get there mom to call into #PFR??!! loll SMH!!

i could shoutout way more people but why not just list them below??

@nickisalute- your also a person i really look up 2!!

@nickipromoHOE_ - i LOVE you! #biskitlove



@teamminaj_cutie- you and ur crazii songs!


P.S. HANG IT UP! PAY PAL YOU LIED! *starts jammin out*

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    On Sat, Mar 19, 2011 at 7:09 AM, AustraliaLovesNicki said:

    Hey hey, remember to vote for Nicki in XXL Mags baddest chick competition, everyday is a new round i think, so check everyday to make sure Nicki is winning! Already killed Lil Kim shes now against Mya and winning, next she'll be up against Cassie i think, then the hard one Rihanna... So spread the word! You can vote more than once do as much as you can!

    Please spread the word to Team Minaj as I don't know how to contact em!!!

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    On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 6:37 PM, NickiConquers said:


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