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    On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 8:22 AM, dillonshay said:

    To: Miss, Minaj:, CreepThem Beatz Into Your Soul, Make You About To Loose Control. Systems Rythems Rock The Box, Keep em' Coming, Just Dont Stop. Bump, Bump, Pop, The Bass Beat Drops, Push Your Weight Into My Heart. Voices Calling In My Mind, Echoes Whisper In The Night. Coastin', Flying, Soaring, Toasting, Bodies Gestures To The Motion. Bump, Bump, Pop. Bass Sounds Drop, Keep On Rising To The Top.

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    On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 6:17 AM, dillonshay said:

    To: Miss. Minaj. Like A Pistol, Make em' Pause (Shout), Here I Am, As I Am!, Keep It Blazin', Keep it Hot. Temps Start Rising To The Top. Putting Hands Up In The Air, Get em' Shooked Without Care. People Screaming, Throwing Down, Getting Crazy Underground. Platinum Sounds When You Shoot, Keep it Real, Get The loot. Minaj's Bustin' On Them Tracks, Camouflage Dressed In Black........

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    On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 9:58 AM, dillonshay said:

    To: Miss. Minaj. Cranked Up The Engine To My Car, Ready To Hit The Streets. Looked At My Tape Deck, Pushed Play To Hear Some Minaj Beatz. Sounds Of Explosion Detonate By The Lyrics You Speak. I Shift In Reverse, I Looked Back, As Im Strapped, Getin' Bucked In here!. Check My Mirrors As I Stopped, And Then Pause. Shift Into Drive, And Pumped My Foot From Up Off The Break. I Stepped On The pedal, Now Im' Rolling To The Bass Trembling The Block, Killing Them Softly From The Old To The New. So Wherever You Roll Along. Through Your Hoods, To Your Favorite Songz. Throwing Your 2's Up High In The Air. While Snapping Your Fingers, As You Bobble Your Heads, Terminating B-------s! From New York To The Bay.

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    On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 4:29 AM, dillonshay said:

    To: Miss. Minaj, Today Is A Special Day, Dedicated So Many Ways From the Past to the Future with Hearts Filled With Love. Let's Drink A Toast To the Memories Of That Special One, As They Was Growing, Trying To Make it On Top. Soaring High With Levitation For The Whole World To See From: South Side Jamica, N.Y. City, A Place Called "QUEENS"!. CHEERS TO YOU.

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    On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 4:16 AM, dillonshay said:

    To: Miss. Minaj Today is a Special Day, Dedicated So Many Ways, From the Past to the Future with Hearts Filled with Love. Let's drink a Toast to the Memories of that Special One, As They was Growing, Trying To Make It On Top. Soaring High With Levitation For The Whole World To See From: South Side Jamica, N.Y. City, A Place Called "QUEENS". CHEERS! TO YOU!.......

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    On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 6:04 PM, dillonshay said:

    To; Miss Minaj. Opened My Package Surprise what did I see ?, It was a Harajuku Barbz Doll Staring back at Me.(Nicki) With A Full Figured Body Standing 6 ft. Tall. The Package came Complete with some Beatz, and a Microphone. I Read the Instructions on the Box to know what to do: The first step put the Mic in her hand, Second was Plug Her In. Third, She start Swayin', and Breathing as She came to Life. So I pulled out them other Barbz We Screamin' Time For A Show. We pushed Play, set the Volumes for the Music To Our Earhole. My Barbie Bust some Lyrics, Busted Out in Full Effect, Word: To These Other Barbie B------es! Damn!! She ain't That One To Be F----- with. With a Microphone Check, Making My speakers Blow. It's Nicki Minaj With That Arsenol, That's Pumpin' In Stereo!.Singin' This Is My Moment I Just Feel So Alive.!.

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    On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 8:25 AM, dillonshay said:

    To: Miss. Minaj. Saw You on the Grammies(west coast), with another Fashion Style To Model. Hit em' Up. Looked at more Websites so Congradulations This Time On getting You'r NICKI PLAQUE,and being you'r Label's Top Female Artist(HIP HOP/R&B).

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    On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 7:23 AM, dillonshay said:

    To: Miss.Minaj, I Hear Nicki, yo go Nicki! N.Y.C.'s Baddest B-----(chick). Doing ya thing as you Swing That Swagga Cross The Floor . Get in em' Bucked as the Sunsets, We Blazin'---. Ya Cocked Back with Your Cape On Blowin' Up in the Skies Singing Freely, I Fly I Fly High, I'M Blazin'.

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    On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 8:14 AM, dillonshay said:

    On Jan 22,2011, I originally made a statement to you in The Fashion in Motion Magazine. Titled: Fashion Faux Pas Friday:Nicki Minaj. Dated Jan 7,2011. Hello to you Ms.(Miss) Minaj. My Daughter(Nevaeh), and I are facinated by all of your styles of fashion. We did in fact purchase your Debut Album PINK FRIDAY when released, and we liked what you voiced out as well as your beats. We also saw you on the Wendy Williams Show, your performance was great. You really got your message across when Featured on BET Nicki Minaj My Time Now. Congradulations on being on the top charts. We would like to add that you are a very Georgious Young Lady, and that you are Very Talented. Every time my Daughter sees you on Television, or hears you on the Radio, she hollars your name, and she let's it be known who you are. So please, keep doing what you do because you do it well. The Music Industry needs more classy females like yourself in that perfession. Thank you for the chance to be able to comment on you. More Success to you in the future, and may God keep blessing you. P.S. I enjoyed listening to your Radio Personality Debut in the U.K. with DJ Semtex. Saw you on SNL. Had to do a re-look. Your The Endless. Thank you for posting your Upcomming Scheduled Events(4/24/[email protected]).

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    On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 7:13 AM, dillonshay said:

    To: Miss Minaj: High in the Sky in the Darkest of Night, the Stars Twinkle, and Glitter and Light up the Night. I see Beautiful Clusters that come to Life so, I dream to myself and close my eyes tight. Suddenly, there Appears a Vision of my Biggest Star(Nicki), and I think of you where you are. You Tolerate more than most People Everyday, so you Deserve the Best for going out of your way. Your a Valuable Treasure(Rapper) no one else could ever Measure. Your a Daughter, Companion, and Friend. You are the Giver of Life. Appointed by God To Nurture our seed, and Multiply a Fast Dying Breed. Your Job is Tough Trying To Do It Alone but, Your a Strong, Proud Sister Who Can Handle Your Own. Rare as The Grapes in a Fine Vintage Wine, Grace by Beauty and The Wisdom Of Time. Just dont Hurt, Use, Abuse, or Neglect Her. A Man's Duty is to Protect and Respect Her. Be Sweet, Kind and Genuine with "Tender Lovin-Care". Appreciate That Woman Just For Always Being There. So, if you Cherish This Woman, You'll Never have to Worry because, there's Nothing More Dangerious Than a Nicki Minaj Fury.

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