Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 5:01 AM

Pink Friday Anniversary

Yup its almost been a year since Nic droped her debut album Pink Friday as we all know. I must say Nic has had one hell of an amazing year consisting of 2 nation wide tours multpul awards countless nonminations and too many chart toping singles to count. Yup hard work pays off dedication discipline and determination is all it takes. Nic remains humble through it all and as a die hard fan I must say that I am more than proud of her like I wanna shake her hand. I cannot wait to see what she will do next. From the selection of fantasy hair her tights collectioion and her wardrobe all together cashews her choice of acessories eyelashes eye shadow. Lip stick Pink For friday amazing on her. Nic is beyond talented she holds 2 cowns " Queen of Hip Hop & The Female Weezy ". Its amazing everything all of it her sound her voice her music her vocabulary her flow its like she really is from another planet cause this shit is rare. Nic is beyonddddddddd creative she deserves more credit .. In due time there's no rush. I'm just wiriting this to say I'm super poud of you Nicki and I've got my popcorn and front row seat with my backstage pass to watch your career unfold! PINK FRIDAY WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST ALBUM TO ME!! Only YOU have he power to change that. - Love a Loyal and dedicated fan

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