Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 1:01 AM

Venting ...

Ima bad bitch and i aint never been a mix breed
catch me a 4'4 catch em niggas make em bleed
cause em niggas is vagina sent em right back to Regina
Dont ask me where I reside if anything its China
Kung Fu panda on em landing strip banner on em
Keep it real tight ask em niggas bout me they wanna be up in it all night
haha giggle on em shitted on em put em in they place
i got these niggas yelling " Thank you Quilla" cause i did it on em hoes
you know them hoes i be stylin on em hotter than islands on em
but to the fake bitches im colder than igluoo to em
brooming dem bitches with the street sweeper
if it aint about muny aint no speaking with I am a bad bitch
keep a couple round me welcome to my barbie land where pink is all aroud me
Crown me yes i am the baddest of my age if this was high school i would probably get an A ....
haha my niggas cosign me Im just bad never mind me
& i wont stop till i win that fuckin Grammy I go hard
all these chickens out here cant stand stand me
they wish they could be me but I tell them I am sorry
I am the orignal me I am Quilla Skye see em haters?
tell em bye bye cock my gun i i .. I stays badder than the dude at the Never Land
n barbz tell Nicki that I said hello shes the reason that i do this she inspired my flow .... uh

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