Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 1:31 AM

still venting

im the new addition like Bobby and Ronnie
cant wait to put in this work so somebody will sign me .. find me
lookin like this is my last chance show this world that i could dance with em
I mean really but not literally i want people to hear what i have to say and take it physically
i do dis shit for my buro toronto is my city i cant wait till the day that im kickin it with Nicki
cause that's my dream tho get up out my seat hoe
halla boo yow niggas aint shit yow they just talk about what they got nd what they gon get
i keeps it real you gots wax in ya ears bug? move back bitch i need a fuckin back rub
gimmie a break like kit kat i was up in the salon get in my lace done like 'bitch fix that"
better stay in your lane if not i promise to fix that n if you actin like a hoe then fo sho niggas gon think that
Pink that i mean put a little pink on it maybe some yellow too and a liddle light blue
i keeps it clean like a stright like break time how you see right through me how u do dat shit i got a think skin nigga tell me how do you do that shit screw that shit im with you till the end till enoguh is enough and im too real you could never say you caught my bluff ... waddup?

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