Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 1:07 AM

Love Forever More by Aleisha C. Steptoe

Numb, like the cold air when it hits my face,
Nothing can amount to the love I feel in this place,
The love that I feel while I'm at home,
The love I feel when I'm alone,
I feel it everywhere,
Through the shivering of my spine to my hair,
Is it worth the feeling to bare?,
Or let it go, and feel the mood of being in despair,
Or should I even care,
Because to let love go is the ultimate sacrifice.
The consequence of this can make your heart as cold as ice,
But to carry love is also a burden in itself,
To go without your loved one, and to carry love for them is the burden,
The heartache of carrying that love without a person or a person to give it to is the burden,
But to give this love is the ultimate gift and curse.
You carry that pride and joy like a Louis Vuitton purse,
But this feeling is more than the love for material things, it's deeper,
Deeper than any sea or ocean you can find,
An although love is blind,
Oh what, oh what a beautiful find,..............

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