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Lil Wayne PULLS Nicki Minaj From NEW YORK'S Summer Jam . . . After Radio Personality DISSES Nicki Minaj . . . ON STAGE!!!

By: Helica

Nicki Minaj was set to HEADLINE last night's SUMMER JAM - the biggest concert of the year for NewYorkers. But YMCMB president Lil Wayne asked her, and all Young Money artists to NOT PERFORM.

And he had GOOD REASON to pull his artists. You see, a Hot 97 MORNING SHOW personality, Peter Rosenberg started DISSING HER on the stage - just MINUTES before Nicki and others were set to perform. Peter, who is known for talking REAL RECKLESS took to the stage and said that Nicki better not perform that "wack ass Starships" track. And he went on to say that Hot 97, the radio station sponsoring the event is "About that real hip-hop, not ‘Starships.’”

Lil Wayne had just landed his PRIVATE JET in NYC when he heard Peter's RECKLESS comments via simulcast. He immediately made an EXECUTIVE ORDER - to stop ALL YMCMB artists from performing.

But here's where it gets WORSE for Hot 97. EXCLUSIVELY learned that Weezy contacted the station and said that if Peter Rosenberg would APOLOGIZE to Nicki on stage, he'd make sure that Nicki would be on stage, in time perform for the crowd. Peter WOULD NOT apologize . . . and Hot 97 took Peter's side. So Nicki didn't perform.

We're told that Nicki Minaj is EXTREMELY disappointed that she couldn't perform for her fans. She worked HARD and had an AMAZING performance planned.

Wow . . . the station chose that ROSENBERG dude over Nicki???

This dude is so wrong he can suck a dick!!! love you nicki

  1. Juiciifruit21BARB avatar

    On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 9:32 AM, Juiciifruit21BARB said:

    I completly agree with you.... he can suck a fat harry dick. I remember hearing about that and instantly thinking.... what??!! You got some big balls to be talkin about a megastar like Nicki what do u do?? Besides talk bs into a microphone all day... u locally known but not known worldwide.... sit cho ass down rosenberg!

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