Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 5:10 PM


By: Mwari_TM

Hey, this is my first blog on my new account! Anyway, the movie awards... Since i live in the UK i had to stay up to watch it US time meaning from 12-4am 0_o! MTV tweeted that Nicki had a "surprise" in store so i thought i'd watch it first hand instead of wait until 9pm the next day to see it in the UK. So... drinks & snacks on the ready, i was up watching Tila/PopSugar & any other stream i could find... ANYWAY... Once the awards started i tried so hard to spot Nicki in the crowd but i couldnt see her or SB! *rage* ... I caught a glimpse of her when she was clapping when someone got an award *HB looked very bored lmao* but i wanted to know what the "surprise" was so i kept on watching. It was like 3am UK time and i was getting so tired, but i had an hour to go. Nicki presented an award w/ Ashton (looking beaut!) and i was spazzingg!! I got so excited but i realised there was only like 40 mins left of the show.. what could the surprise be? Anyways it felt like as soon as Nicki was on screen, she disappeared again. Strange. 10mins left to the end i still had hope thinking MTV;s gonna pull something out of the bag for Team minaj. But no. There was no surprise. I was so gutted. I stayed up until 4am to catch a 30 second glimpse of HB *sigh* *side eye @MTV* - All in all, even though there wasn't a surprise i still got to see Nicki and that in itself gave me life. I love her like words could not explain & i'll NEVER stay up for any other artist other than her. So yeah, it was worth it. Hopefully HB'll star in her own film one day & be on the awards show to pick up her own ... *ponders* xoxo Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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