Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 10:11 PM

Choice FM

By: Mwari_TM

Choice FM is a radio station in the UK - their breakfast show is led by a comedian @OfficialKojo & some lady... anyways yeah. I think it was yesterday... Kojo tweeted saying he has a competition in store for the barbz.. PLATINUM tickets to give away. Now everyone was like "hmmm hold on a sec Nicki isnt here until next year" so obviously everyone was going crazy & @ing Kojo like life was dependant on it. So yeah. He remains silent on the subject so TMUK will just have to wait until monday 6am to listen in to the show. I hope its something real.. we really have been messed over since the friggen movie awards... So yayer WATCH THIS SPACE. Ta rahh.

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