Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 12:28 PM

Nicki's Sense Of Her Fashionable Clothes and Wig

Our Barbie was tottaly have a great sense of fashion.
She likes to combine the colours and search new trend, about her harajuku's lines, she is just like harajuku's barbie. She like to stick the doll to her clothes and prefer the pastels colour, she like's to have a double color on her wig.
She put her thick mascara and eye-liner to make her eyes "life"..^^
She like to wear an doll shoes like: BLUE BOOTCAMP THICK SHOES,
Nicki's prefer to do not wear her simple wig, but unique wig.
Just like this:
Black can be fun to mix and match and the model you cant prefer what your mood is it.
She had a fun fashion sense^^=[

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