Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 7:39 AM

SO iMet The QUEEN on 4/3/12

It was just AMAZINGGGGGGGGG! First & foremost, let me shoutout #TeamMinaj! Because I met the most AMAZING Barbz & Ken-Barbz ! Like wow. You guys are great. Anyhoooo tho! I stood on the line from 9pm-8:30am & then I left to get my hair done so that I could look nice for the Queen. & Then I had to goto the doctor. Afterwards I headed back downtown to wait for her. I stood on the line for the 2nd time from 4 to about 7:30-8iish. I was hype as FUCK when I was let into the storeee. ALL week I had been holding back tears because even just the thought of meeting Nicki, of being in her face brought tears to my eyes. Nobody really understands my love for her. Well, the outsiders, the commoners, aka anybody who is not #TeamMinaj. When I walked up to Nicki she said "Hi beautiful GIRL!" I died Barbz!! Like omfgggg!! (Thats Where My User Name Came From BTW) I was like "Hi Nicki! I love you soooo much, you are so beautiful!" & she said "Awww, thank you, you are too, beautiful." like whaaaaaaat?! The QUEEN called me beautiful TWICE! I was soooo happy, like I died & then came back & then when she called me beautiful the 2nd time, I died again! LOL that was MY moment for life. She signed my CD & I said Hi to SB :)) I will NEVER forget that day. #LongLiveTheQueen mann. #TeamMinajToTheDEATHofME!

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    On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 10:09 PM, IceCream13 said:

    Lucky, I might never get to meet her :'(

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