Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 6:43 PM

The Amazing Lady We Know As Nicki Minaj.

*SIGH* Words cannot really describe my love for Nicki. It's so weird. I no longer look at her as a celebrity, but more of a friend... The big sister I never had. The other day, I waited outside of her movie trailer with some of TMNY & I actually spoke to her. After that night, I'm SURE she will remember me because I was making her laugh & everything. She asked me mad questions LOL. She asked me what my name was, what my twitter name was, & what my NicName was that she gave me (which is "CuteGirlLadyBug"). She asked me where I'm from & when my birthday was & what my sign was. We actually chilled outside with her for a little while, it was soo amazing. She's my favorite person ever. After that night, I just fell in love with her all over again. But it was like a rebirth of my love for her. She treats us like we're her friends, not fans. We make jokes with her, we laugh with her, everything. Nicki is more than an artist! She deserves everything she gets, honestly. I'm so proud of her and I will love her until the end of time. I'll never regret stanning for her. & her blogs?! OMG I love them! I feel like she's talking to me when I read them. It makes her connection with TeamMinaj deeper everytime she writes one. I really love you Onika & I always will, don't ever forget that lady! MUAHHHH!

- Lyndsey Minaj aka CuteGirlLadyBug bka iGOHARD4ONIKA_ <3

P.S. if you barbz haven't followed me yet, do so @iGOHARD4ONIKA_! :)

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