Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 2:39 AM

i`m simply me !

Welpp ithought iwud juss make ah blog to say tht ihavee one & cheaaa just to kinda get yu guys to know me better . So where to start . . . well myy name is Taneshia , iwas born in California bt raised in Kansas . I`m 15 turning 16 on Jan. 10th ! iLovee NickiMinaj soo much , like tht`s all italk about & ppl be like why yu like her soo much & explaining why ilike her is like explaining wat water taste like [ impossible ] lol !

iLove and respect all myy haters & all tha people tht juss try to put me down . iWant yu guys to know tht instead of putting me down , yur actually lifting me up ! iLike to inspire people and help ppl thru their problems if myy help is needed . iDon`t try to portray myself as sumone else , i`m simply me ! iHave nooo reason whatsoever to try and be sumone i`m not . iTry to nvr knock sumone down , imean like if sumone is making sumthing outta themselves why hate ? What we shud be trying to do is let them SHINE ! Stop tha hate ! I`m ah bit of ah weirdo , as they say , bt yu know wat isay ? iSay tht it juss means iHave ah personality ! Yea it pisses me off when ppl will continually call me weird , bt ilearned tht ijuss gotta let sum stuff go . Oh and iwill admit ihave ah mean jealous streak at times , bt i`m working on tht lol ! Well i`mma end this blog , if yu have anythin yu wanna ask me then juss hmu !

Oh and igotta twitter ; @ItsTaneshiaaa !

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