Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 3:24 PM


So this tour is the FUCKING SHIT! First of all I love the fact that Nicki has a meet & greet for her fans. I think that's awesome. Nicki really apprieciates us and I love her for that. Also, i absolutely LOVE these lap dances she'e giving out in each city. Lmaooooo like it really shows that Nicki can have fun. Most people think like oh yea old Nicki is gone she's all about buisness now blah blah. That's not true Nicki has fun but in a different way now. So I think my favorite lap dances thus far are, the one with girl when she squeezed her boob yea that was live yo, the one with Wayne that was dope , and the with Chris Paul that was cute lol. Lemme talk about DILDO lol. Ok so that was a shock when I first saw it I was like whoah Nicki seriously? It was unique though im like yoo Nicki outta control buts its ok cus she can do that. This tour is just awesome like its the best tour ever! Congrats to everyone who had a chance to experience this awesomeness and Congrats to the all #TeamMinaj who got to meet Nicki. Much Love

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