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on3 dr3aMmm...on3 goTTah BElieVe. . .

on3 dr3aMmm...on3 goTTah BElieVe. . .
by urs truly on Friday, 03.26/2010 @ 12:07am

It is not fear that makes me hide in the darkness. Im hiding so you cannot find me. Unless you are seeking, you wouldnt even recognize my existence. And the seeker is the sought. If you were not seeking me, how did you see my aura made so bright as the rainbow? How did you see through my exterior, intentionally made of darkness? Please tell me you are not looking for me, its just that my light is so bright that no matter what weapons u may carry, mental OR MATERIAL....nothins gonna change me. Just realize, there is no battle.. . . .. there is no fight. JusT STOP MISTAKIN ME bEcuZ THERE IS NO GENDER HERE in "heaven." FaCE it. ABOUT FACE!!!We have no time to wAstE. I'm not a fan of repeats BUT understand there is NO ROOM for ANY HATE. not a r00m any HUMAN would want to sleep in. Do you want to sleep with both eyes shut? If you'd like you can always kEEp an eye open cuz my energy is IMMORTAL ::wink wink:: and my creativity. . . . UNIQUE. My dreams are full of passion, love, and hope. AND WORST OF ALL, my FAITH IS EVERLASTING. You aLL knew from the beginning, I AM VERY REAL. and so are my dreams! so stop doubting yourself.. . .you can take all you want . . . .but my soul is something NOBODY can steal. My dreams are yours if you wish but i'd like if theyy were mine alone. WE value creativity.. . . it is all you truly OWN...." Stab me in the back all you want but WE is goin nowhere. im all about the scarabs fuck The regular Beatles....they still trippin over N.W.O. and BenJamInzzZ....Strawberry fields forever??? or beds made of slices of white? heaven, yes! Use that as an example of the vastness of visionary ability available AND DO SOMETHIN WITH IT. THERE are more dreams than numbers. no limit, no fine print, no terms 0r conditions. just agree 2 disagree. its so simple yet so complex for some. I guess if its not about picking out an outfit, they dont have time for it. Or if they cant just pop it in like a p0rn, the brain is in pain. oh the power of thought...set out to destroy. psssshhhttt!!! yea right! what would life be without the battle up hiLLs? Rules and lawZ do not exist within our dreams. So remember that if you reaLLY WANT TO LIVE AND DREAM A GOOD DREAM, DEFY GRAVITY!!!! but make sure your wearin your AirForce1'z 0r if you'd can borrow my supras. trade of equal or higher value. no exceptions, i AM PLAYING THE GAME. The only way to truly beat me is by height, BUT "HUMILITY has BOUYANCY & ABOVE US........ONLY SKY." No matter what.... you can never truly kiLL me. So learn to co-exist or we will never be ready to REALLY take fleight.....time after time...must our worlds collide??? Without light, we wouldnt know dark.....without darkness, we would never see the light. Do you really want to be out of sight??? who told you danger is lurking? they lied. They give birth to eachother. 2 doesnt exist without ONE and three would never BE without another. So like the kinshiP communicates, in all different cities and even altered states, this is one world and if ur a team member, I want to say hola to all my sistahs from othah mistahs and my brothers from other mothers....we all reside with the same Mama, here on p.Earth. Love her and all her children the way YOU want to BE LOVED. WE are the WORLD. wake up. TUNE IN. TURN ON...TURN that switch on the wall. My dreams are the only thing that continue to break my fall. Without ur dreams, all u can build is a wall. Recognize. Be passionate about ur dreams. Each year you blow out those candles...RECOGNIZE. Each time you speak...RECOGNIZE. RECOGNIZE every move you make. on3 lov3~

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