Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 2:22 AM

Dear HB

I decided to write a "Dear HB" letter since you always give us the "Dear Barbz" ..... I love seeing "Dear Barbz" when we see it we know its something great about to be said. So Dear HB, you are AMAZING in everything that you do,Never let anyone Not allow you to be great!! You are a great inspiration to me and many other Lady Bugs. Your words of wisdom guide us to the right path, you let us know that there's a time to play and joke around but theyre are times when we need to buckle down n get to business for example your heavy on us with education so i try to make you proud by doing the best i can!!! I found you when i was about 12 waay back during 08, although i found u off a pretty bad so happy for that day to...u changed my life!. Because i was young confused and felt like no one was going through what was happening to me..i almost made a horrible decision, UNTIL i stumbled across "Autobiography". The song spoke to me and i realized that "this girl" has been through something relatively close to this and she is just fine now and probably stronger than ever! I am 15 now and i get by everyday bt listening to you, I KNOW YOU DONT LIKE TO READ/HEAR EMOTIONAL THINGS SO I WONT GO INTO GREAT DETAIL, but ever since that day i started to grow a love for you different from just a are a MENTOR.and INSPIRATION to me because i feel that i have someone that i can listen to because i know that she has been through these things. ! so i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heat for EVERYTHING. I LOVE you dearly xoxo.

Love, lady bug Danielle

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