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Read This Nicki Minaj (Roman Zolanski) ( Cookie ) ( Dr. Minaj )!!

We All Know Lil' Kim bummy a** but she thinks nicki minaj stole from her and she won't let go her fanbase rebuiled when she said she is " taking whats hers back, and returning with rampage like no others" but she said the only reason she is doing this is over this quote from nicki minaj "She picked a fight with Foxy, then she picked a fight with Eve, then she picked a fight a fight with Remy, then it was Mrs. Wallace, then it was Nicki Minaj," said Minaj. "Every time you in the news, it's 'cause you gettin' at somebody! Where's your music? Put your music out, and when I see your name on Billboard, that's when I'll respond to you. Other than that, goodbye. It's Barbie, bitch." but she said this in what year? right and you 38 and nicki's like 30 or 28 so why you tryna stunt you acting like you birthed nicki minaj well guees what?? SHE IS 2x AS BETTER AS YOU! Onikia Tonya Maraj Come up wit' her own sh**but last thang um lil kim came up with this mixtape called: black friday BLANCO reloaded the re up with songs like :STUPID BITCH Encore '12 and more check her up nicki and tear her down roman style!!

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