Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 1:09 AM

Righ thur me

This is like one of my favorite love songs rite here. It's wat everygirl want a man see rite thru them, to kno how ur feel about a certain issue that some times it irritates the shit out of u to the point where u 2 r arguinn and he tries to leave n ur like no please dont go.......My favorite lyrics would be "from yelling at you and getting at you picking up dishes throwing them at u.
why are you speaking when no one asked you." n "Cause you say Nicki
and I say who me? and you say no you and I say screw you.Then you start dressing and you start leaving and I start crying and I start screaming
the heavy breathing but whats the reason. always get the reaction you wanted Im actually fronting Im askin you somthing,.....Great luv song!!!

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