Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 1:33 AM

Anaheim HOE aka a Moment 4 Life !

So on April 23, 2011 I went to go see Nicki live and lemme tell you that sh*t was AMAZING. So let me kick you the story just like this right, so I was running late right but I got to the show kinda late but I didn't miss Nicki but Rick Ross was there. Blah. Blah, Blah, Blah,. [Get to the party about Nicki]

So when the Intro dropped I knew it was Nicki I was the only person on my feet for her. I was amazed, I had been waiting to see Nicki perform since like FOREVER. Then came out SB I was like oh, shit . By that time everybody was on their feet then he dropped the dust the popped out Nicki performing Romans Revenge. i was happy but about that time the croud was out shaking their d*cks. LoL. One part I liked when she was like "which b*tch yu know made a million off a mixtape. She likles to bragg about that you can tell . The lapdance was amazing. She gave the dance to a and the girl was BOMB too . I didn't sit down at all for the ENTIRE show [Nicki's part for that is] then when she performed super bass she was showing her little a*s having fun and I LUVED it. It really hasn't sunk in yet that I seen Nicki freaking MINAJ in concert but it will SOON tho.

After that I ended up going to Denny's with California TM . Some of them not all. When I walked in to Denny's these hoes was cutting up cause Denny's and their service was WACK! About time we got our seat we all stat there and had a LONGGG little chit chat but who was all in attendance was @TeamMinajBxtch [Mother of California TM], @TeamMinajOC [My Teenage Dream], @Jayrrr_ [My Big LeeL homie Jr.], @Chris2die4minaj [Quiet BOY], @E_L_O_Y [Boy who NEVER be on twitter no more] LoL.

We talked about everything . I kept talking extra fast cause I didn't know these people . They mighta been the fedz but no they all were cool . They all meet Nicki and told me the story . I was happy for them all though I didn't get to meet Nicki [Jay-R Eye Roll] LoL. That damn eye roll is SOOOOO FUNNY ! Then after we left Denny's and I stole the utensils . yes I did yes I did somebody please tellum who da EFF I I'z.

But this was a Moment 4 Life . I enjoyed it all each and EVERY moment. Wish I could do it ALL OVER AGAIN. Maybe a [TM California road trip, huh ?] That's if these h*es get manners, tho.

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