Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 7:48 PM

all the pink fridays

so as we come to a closing of all the #PINKFRIDAYS it's kinda sad because I jumped on the bandwagon right when the album title was announced and I counted every week down. The week that most stood out to me was week 14 when MONSTER came out and everybody and they momma was on it like two fat bitches to pork chops in the early mornin' pahahaha LoL . Man i'll miss the #FPF'S I meet alot of good people but imma still be on twitter havin' fun and lookin' dumb but i'll miss it but i'll ESPECIALLY miss the BOOBIES every friday LoL but yeah but in memory imma say #ITSPINKFRIDAYHOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE zBiskit

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