Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 5:51 AM

Pink smoke n' black dreads

By: iMxMi

Qt Nika... Ooo

The way you do what you do, oh' so indefinitely in my heart & mind in all the three everylasting flavors you give off as you do it very well with trueness above all while keeping it all together closely knit.
You're one of the people I place up on the pedestal in my life as a remedy or "Potion" if my ever so sweet demi-goddess will allow your truly to!!! x 3
As you should with any man with a meek heart, you have a fatally beautiful style n' mindset that engulfs as a plant to the sun, when the plant has a dream of getting tossed into the sun... Your smile gives me a spiritual uplift & your actions leave me submissively placing my strong held instinctual fatherly virtues into play n' hastily placing my guard up to ruthlessly discredit anyone's critique because, my dear, you are the only magnate of Nicki, you are a college course for those whom are not & yet are !

IF their was a way for me to repay you, this should be it...

Best everylasting flavors ever

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