Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 6:11 PM

It Feels like...

Sometimes it feels like no one knows that I exist I try and try again to better myself as a person and no one really see's that. How do you better yourself when no one seems to know you're changing or growing? How do you persuade others to see you for the better? What is life if no sees the changes in your life? How do you even discover if someone has better themselves if you never talk to them and see? Just rambling...

A beautiful woman has taught be the most in life about how I never should need a man to depend on and her name is Onika Maraj. Nicki teaches me and the barbz so much in life. Honestly I know everyone says this Nicki has inspired me to do a lot in life but Nicki has done so much for me she has prepped me for the real world and what I can bring to the table in business. Nicki Minaj showed me that I can bettering myself in life as a women can get me far and that I don't need a man to teach me these things and honestly I couldn't ask her for anything else. The barbz and kenz you guys inspire me to too never give up and try before I said I can't do something. Thank you all for the inspiration, love you Nicki and barbz.

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