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I swear it feels like TM understands everything I am going through, but its not always easy to explain why I am going through this or feeling this way. Every night and day I talk to TM we are so ratch, so lovable and passionate people ever. You could never find a team that has this much love for one another ever. I remember when I had homework to do and I couldn't find a name for what I wanted to call my place of business lmao so I asked one of the barbz and I got so many barbz and kenz that gave me a good name to call my business so one of the Ken barbz decided that I should call it Onika House Of Wigs. I loved it so very much when I turned it in my teacher decided to give me the nick name of Onika I laughed so hard I almost cried I knew Nicki would be so proud of me I ended up getting a 94% on that project I was so lucky that the barbz decided to help me.
TM is such an inspiration for me and I am so lucky to have such a positive relationship from each and everyone in TM. I couldn't find anyone better the an TM and let's not forget the main person that brought this team together and without her we probably wouldn't have mad it this far without Nicki never leaving our sides. Nicki Minaj, my queen, my inspiration and role model thank you for everything you're such an amazing person you're so different from the rest of everyone in the rap business you actually care about what decision tour fan base makes you teach us moral and give us high values and lesson to learn for our future. Thank you so very much Nicki and barbz you guys are so amazing and I adore every moment I spend talking to you.
... I really just did forget what I was about to say to bizzay watching Like Mike lol. Wonder if Nicki has ever seen this movie before?? I cannot wait til I meet Nicki hopefully I will get my money up and saved so that I can take me and my favorite Ken barb to see you. Nicki if you're reading this can you please follow my best friend, my Ken barb his name is Carlos his twitter name is @MarsHawN_ReUP he would be so happy and crying if you follow him, but anyone's back to my blog lol Nicki thank you for everything thank you for the love you send the barbz and kenz each and every day thank you for always shouting out the barbz when you receive an award. I love you guise so very much. :,)

*kisses Nicki, hugs the barbz, holds Nicki and stares at Nicki and the Barbz*

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