Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 2:47 PM

About my boyfriend... Khalil

Such a beautiful Sunday Morning talking to the barbz and listening to music so relaxed. What more could I possible wish for? Well considering I don't have much to talk about I wanttell you barbz about my boyfriend Khalil. Omg barbz Khalil is such a cutie pie, he is so freaking sweet and has everything together for himself I don't have to pressure him to get his priorities together to straighten up as a man he already has things in order. He has this record deal with Jive with Miguel. It's so amazing not having to worry about taking care of someone and having them to ask me for money its so refreshing. *cramps* but um, we been knowing each other for some time... Yes I seen him barbz and yes he treats me right just in case y'all thinking this bwuahh but um what else can I spill about him that I haven't already....

Well this is going to be it I didn't feel like doing a blog today but I wanted to share this with you guise that follow me so that you wouldn't be lost trying to figure out who Khalil Johnson was.... My boyfriend!!!

*hugs barbz and kisses Onika*

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