Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 8:43 PM


People get on me all the time because i like spending most of my time alone. They think i have a social problem when i of course do not. i have friends. i do go out, but i prefer to be alone. many of you know me on twitter. im always RT'ing something ratchet on there lol. but you know, theres just people who like being alone. it doesnt make them socially inept or suffering some kind of way. i suffer nothing from spending time by myself. just today, someone i went to school with wanted to see me. i said no. he told me i wasnt an adult and that i was still a kid. which is completely fine. ill be a kid in their eyes. just because i still live at home doesnt mean im less of an adult. but if that helps them sleep at

i wish people just didnt try to knock other peoples hustles. just because they arent doing what youre doing doesnt make them less of a person or less of anything. my circumstances as of right now do not allow me to completely support myself doesnt make me less of anything. i make do with what i have. i will eventually get to where i can support myself.

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