Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 11:24 PM


I LOVE you Nicki Minaj (ROLE-MODEL). I remember when I was younger and i used too sing y love our song massive attack too my uncle, my favorite part was (spaceship E.T's in the cut, yeah pop a bottle just to get my head right) & my uncle use too call me Nicki Minaj cause I would always come out the house singing that song and I was 10 then and now im 14. I have been a Barb for so long, & have always wanted to meet you! I live in Macon, GA and don't too many famous people come too Macon but I really wish you would come down here, just for your barbs. Nicki I look at your videos a millions Times a day, I promise I do. It's just something about your personality & it's not just because you are famous, but it's because I love YOUUU � !!! I talk about is you all the time, until I get too the point where I talk about you so much that my cousin tells me "can you please shut up PLEASE! ". People really try too make up sad things just for Famous people too talk too them or whatever, but I don't! I know what I go through and it is not for the world to know. Nicki I am your #1 biggest barb, and you are my rolemodel. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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