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Dear Nicki

Dear Nicki,

Well were do i start, i just want to say that i love you, you mean the world to me,i cant even explain half of the things you do for me you are such an inspirational woman to me you have inspired me in so many ways youve taught me to be myself and to not be afraid to make wierd funny faces that i wuud do while i was alone hiding my personality from peple youve brought me out of my shell youve taught me to really motivated me to try my best in school and to never give up. youve taught me to focus on getting my money and not needing a man to have a happy life. youve taught me to focus on going to school and not focusing on boys. youve taught me to be a better me. youve taught me to defend myself and not care if people dont like me. Nicki youve gave me on of the best gifts anyone can give me and its just by you coming into my life as well as giving me a whole new family,TeamMinaj means so much to me, and im happy to say that they will always be there as well as yourself. im proud to say that i rep TeamMinaj and when people ask me 'Why Nicki Minaj what has she done for you?' or 'Whats so special about her?' my awnser will always be Nicki has done more for me than you will ever do, nd they ask whats so special?, well she has the power to do anything she sets her mind to she is a wonderful role model and shes my idol and if anybody has a problem with her then they can escort themselves out tha door because Nicki also taught me to not waste my time on these HasBeens who mean nuthing! Most people will sayy that i have an obbsesion with nicki because i have her posters and pictures and cds all over my room and walls nd im ok with them thinking its wierd because at the end of the day i do what i do for nicki and i know she will never judge any of us.Nicki you've taught me to keep my head high nd helped me be more spontaneous.You've showed me that hard work will pay off,even though theres times i'll wanna quit you are my inspiration that says 'no keep going'. Nicki i know youll probly never see this but im 'writing just in case. i've never had somebody do somthin so simple as sing and it make me cry the way you do Nicki. your voice has so much power in it and it makes me smile every time i hear it.i want you to know that im here if you ever need anybody Nic. i love you with all my heart babe and i want you to know that

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    On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 4:14 PM, BriannaTheBarbie said:

    lol yes i did.(:

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    On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 1:05 AM, MoMeNt4LIFE212121 said:

    We need to become best friends immediately :-) I love this! (just a guess, but did you cry while writing this?? I would've) Thanks

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