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*cues music* In this moment I just feel so alive... ALIVE...

Okay.. here goes :))

So I arrive at the arena at 4:38.. dont ask me how I remember.. I just do.. TeamMinajATL planned to meet at 5:00, but I HAD to get there early because I KNEW some bullshit was gonna go down. So I get there and I'm looking for everyone. I look up and see this animated chick, with a colorful outfit.. I'm like "hmm.. looks like Dawn ( TM_RomanCouture)".. So I call her and I see her pick up the phone. I walk to her and we hug..blah blah.. She gets her ticket. And I walk to the window. As SOON as I get to the window, I get this vibe and I'm like. "Oh shit, this is NOT gonna be good".. SO I tell the lady my name & info.. She gives me THE look and those unforgetful words "Sorry, we dont have your tickets".. SO another lady offers to help. She calls a bunch of ppl and is trying to find it.. I'm like Oh Lord.. Mind you it is about 100 degress outside and I am BLACK.. CH! SO I see a short, caramel skinned girl walk to the window. We make eye contact and that is that.. But I'm like, she looks sooo familiar. So we look at each at the EXACT same time and I'm like "Shadelle( @xoRomanslover)?!" she's like "Domo?!" and we hug like we were bestfriends and havent seen one another in a long time. So, she gets her tickets and go stand w/ Dawn.. Kelly (@kellydonnette) and WhitKNEE(@HarajukuBoo85). I'm still tryna find out what's going on and I finally tweet SB, Martin & Nic cus nothing was working. Mind you, my Godsister used HER MPF account to get the tickets.. and she wasn't answering the phone -____-.. Anyway, my WHOLE TL is going crazy and tweeting SB, Nic & Martin.. THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH, I LOVE Y"ALL! But NOTHING was working.. So my mom is PISSED.. She's like "I'm ready to fucking go. This is bullshit..blah blah". I remain calm and Shadelle calls Ground Control for me. They didnt help either. We call Martin and he says hey cant even find my info in the database so I sai "Alright. Let's go Ma".. Dawn, Shadelle, Whitney and Kelly had already went in the arena so I tweeted them to come get my gift cus I was just fed up and really wanted to go home.. So I'm like 4 steps away from giving them my gift and about to leave when I see my mom run beside me looking for me. I call her and she hands me money. "Your brother said buy you another ticket because you need to see her".. I was like "Wow. Thank you Bro".. SO I bought it and went in. These people gon escort me to some damn Guest Services so they can take Nic's gifts *rolls eyes* They were hating MAD hard. SO after that, we walk by the elevator and we see everyone waiting. I didnt notice who he was at first but Martin came up to me and said "If you see anyone else that's here for M&G, tell them to come over her please".. Im like ''Okay, sure". So he gathers everyone and starts talking to us. He puts some people in the elevator and takes them up. Shadelle and Dawn are lke "Domo, stay with us" Im like "No, I dont have my laminate".. They weren't taking no for an answer. So Quay(@SoPinkBarbie) & Shadelle go up. Next is Dawn & I's turn. I talk to Martin like "Yo we need to talk" this guy said "Yeah wassup? I saw your SuperBass video. You look good".. I'm like "-__- I didnt make a damn video and I need to know about my ticket".. He like "OH shit lol stand out here for a minute and i'll be back". The SECOND I stepped off the elevator.. I'm like.. he's not coming back. SO I tweeted Kelly and asked her to come get me. She didnt have VIP and I didnt want to be by myself. Oh shit. S.o to my Babe (@CherryIsis) Your demanding words made me get it together real quick. I Love YOU! :)) s.o to ShamPooBallaBall (@coupleBOOBS) EVERY tweet that she sent to me was positive and I love you Sham. Thank you ! :)
Julia :) (@MinajJ_Twah) THAT DM.. it really helped. I love you :))
My Sheenie (@Shalinibarbie09) was spazzing the fuck out & blowing up my mentions helping me. Lol. I love you.
Ty! (@TylerSOEPIC) He was the first person to tweet Nic, SB & Martin to help me. I LOVE you Tyler! :))
Lyanne (@OnikaIsMyREASON) YOU.. Your spazzing is out of this world.. It really kept me with a positive mind. I Love you :)
This Gorgeous Gyal (@IrishBarbiee) When u DMed me, it really helped. I love you. :))
Anyway, back to the story.. So Kelly & I went and stood by the elevator. We were standing there for a good 5 minutes and people started coming back down from seeing Nic. So Kelly asked me "Why aren't you crying and freaking out?" (because of the ticket situation) and I looked at the elevator and said "If it's meant to be.. it'll happen." Just to know that Nic was in the same building as me was blessing enough. So more come down.. 15 minutes pass by and no Dawn, Shadelle or Whitney. I'm like.. "hmm".. so the elevator opens and out steps... SB and Lucky. Kelly says "Oh shit" and steps back lmfaoo. I laughed.
SB: *points at me* Are u DOMO? You the one ticket thing ...?
Me: *nods*
Him: Come with me
So we step on the elevator. Kelly stands OUTSIDE the damn elevator because she didnt have VIP. She was bout to tell SB that but I snatched her in. I was NOT having my moment without her. NO SIR BUDDY..Kelly looks like a damn love struck school girl.. she goes "hiii" all dreamy lmfao. SB peeped it and kinda covered his face looking shy "wassup?", he said with the CUTEST smile EVER!!!!!!!!. SO I'm like "You look good. I see you blinding me with ya ice" lmfaooo... he says "I try, I try" and covers his face again lol. He has BIG round eyes. He didnt have on any shades.. SO I feel something.. I look over and Lucky is staring at damn hole in my head. I'm like O_o.. he cute tho! lol. So we get off the elevator.. And I hear Nic's voice. I STOP completely where I am. Just listening. Then Dawn & Shadelle notices me & they're like "DOMO!".. I'm like 'SHIT!" I was trying to gather myself.. So there's like this curtain that you have to go through. I walk towards it slowly. When I get close, I see Nic and like an idiot.. I scream! LMFAO. Everyone laugh and Nic did her look. The "wide eyed big smile look" She spread her arms and becked towards me like the cutest fucking adorable baby ever.. She said "Come here Domo".. I'm like.. OMG she said my fucking name.. like... is this my fucking life?! So I walk towards her slowly and I grabbed her hands and she hugs me SO tight. I close my eyes and rub her back. She smelled SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good & her hands are SOFT as a baby's johnson n johnson lotion covered booty! I was LIVING.. She pulls away and looks in my eyes.. she has the BIGGEST, prettiest brown eyes ever. There is SO much life in her eyes and omg.. it was everything
Nic: OMG I love your shoes and your shirt!
ME: *dreamingly* Thank you
So she hugs me again and smiles at me. Then she hugs Kelly and as she is about to take a picture with her, Martin yells "Get in" to me.. I gave him the "NO the hell I will NOT.. I will have a pic w/ my Nicki myself" look. Nic saw it and gave him the "Big Dawg wave" and says "NO!" all snappy.. *everyone whispers under breath* "Ooooooooooooooooo" Lol. And he's all embarssed. SO after she took her pic we Kelly, she GRABS and pulls me to her side.. I'm like damn she's strong lol.
Nic: I REALLY love those sneakers *hugs me again*
Me: *in my head* I will take these off and give them to you, dont play Nic
Her: I LOVE that shirt.. lets take a pic
Me: WAIT, I need to fix my hair
Nic: *gives me that look * AND THEN SHE FUCKING FIXED MY HAIR FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost shitted.. Then we took the pic. I wanted her on my back but she had to go :(( ... but she didnt want to :)))))))
So.. she looks at my boobs and says "Where am I signing?"
Me: My Boobs of course..
IDK how but I felt calm and it was so serene. Like, we were bestfriends. Then they ask her if she was going to the club.. she says "Yeah I'm going to the Velvet Rope *rolls eyes all cute*
Us: ummm.. NIc.. it's Velvet ROOM.
Lmfaooo. she laughs and says "Whatever"
ME: You sneaking me in Nic??
SHE gives me the most ADORABLE smile EVER and laughs. "I can't do that", she says.. ME: Yes. you can. You're Nicki Minaj
She laughs and I am SO damn serious. Then she says, "I have to be on stage in 13 minutes Barbs *pouts* I'm sorry".. So we get all sad.. then she hugs ME.. nobody else but ME... *cries* and she gives Shadelle the nickname "Carebear" and Whitney the nickname "Houston".. get it? Whitney Houston.. lol.. Nic is crazy.. SO we leave and almost IMMEDIATELY, Kelly & Shadelle breaks down. SO After we get off the elevator, we takes pics and the tell me what happened when I wasn't up there. When Dawn walked up to Nic, she said "Domo?".. ME.. DOMO.. THATS ME!! IDK if thats how she thought I would look lol.. but yeah.. Then she asks "Why were y'all causing a ruckus on twitter???"
"Where is DOMO?" And they told her that there was a problem w/ my ticket & stuff.. And that I didnt have my VIP pass
Nic: And why NOT?
Dawn: *looks at Martin*
SB: *gets on elevator* ... Anyway, she fucking ASKED for me.. Like.. *happy sigh* I didnt do ANYTHING to deserve it.. NOTHING.. but she found it in her heart to come get me and give me my moment. And I shared it with Kelly :') .. I didnt cry or anything.. I still haven't.. It hasnt hit me hit me yet.. But it will. I am FORVER grateful! I love YEW Nic! :)))))))))))))))))

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