Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 12:25 PM


By: Katy_Barb

WOW. I cant believe how amazing it was watching Nicki on LiveStream at the NY Free concert for her fans at the Roseland Ballroom. As I live in the UK I went to sleep at middnight and set my alarm for 2am as i wanted to get a bit of sleep haha! I woke up so excited for it and turned the computer on had all my snacks ready (pepsi) haha and it was finally 2.30am and the LiveStream came on and the cameras were going over the crowd. Man i was SO hyped i honestly felt like i was in that crowd. I tearing up before she even came on stage. The music started playing and the story at the start of her concerts came on about the quest of roman. I freaked out! Suddenly the curtain dropped and it reminded me so much of the Manchester Apollo concert! I AM NOT JASMINE I AM ALADIN. and she came down on the stage in her black cloak and whiped it off and she was wearing such a beautiful outfit! I was going ratchet at my screen giving it my all singing along to all the songs as if i were there! What i loved most was when nicki spoke to the crowd loads. i love it when she speaks to us and when she sat down for story time. Once upon a time there was a bad bitch called Nicki the fuckin end lmao. I was seriously freakin! after a coupla costume changes nicki did save me and fire burns, i cried real tears it was so beautiful. On her last costume change into the friggin amazing black and pink wig with the RED jacket Mixtapenika came out! She did so many good mixtape songs i was so happy! OMFG i was dying when she did those crunches literally couldnt stop laughin shes crazy! She brought out Cam,FoxyB, Drake and Lilwayne on stage such a good suprise was amzing. I wanted to reach into the screen and jump into the crowd lmao. Finally Nicki ended it with superbass and thanked all of her team for putting together the PFtour lalala and when she thanked us barbz and said shes never going to leave us and hopes we never leave her i cried like zamn i love this women with all my heart truely. She left the stage 40mins over time but like she said whats 50grand to a bitch like her? lmao. As soon as she finished i got my ass on twitter and so Nic i was tweeting like crazy sayin omg nic you gave me so much life right then trhu a comouter screen!!! and i tweeted without mentioning nic 'Idgaf if im tierd tomorrow, this was worth staying up till 5am for.WOW.' and Nicki RT'ed it and i hadnt even mentioned her in it :') that toped my night off i was crying and shaking! i srsly love this women and i cant thank her enough for turning my life around and making me a happy person. I cant wait for her fragrance, fall tour and clothing range. Nicki never disapoints us and gives us so muhc to look forward to. THANK YOU NICKI I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND WILL STAN FOR YOU 4 LIFE. xcxoxox

  1. MC99 avatar

    On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 6:16 PM, MC99 said:

    so true i loved it!

  2. Katy_Barb avatar

    On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 2:24 PM, Katy_Barb said:

    i watched that on youtube it was amazing brought me shivers! No sadly im not i couldnt get tickets :( but i am seeing nicki in october 30th in london x

  3. TrinitysmomDenver avatar

    On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 2:10 PM, TrinitysmomDenver said:

    Loved the show!! It was great!! Nicki pulled my daughter on stage in Denver!! You going to the show in the UK this weekend?


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