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By: Katy_Barb

OMG where do I start?! So on Tuesday i saw NICKI live for the second time this year! Me and my friend got standing tickets an left my house at 5.30am! We arrived at like 6.40am and got given wristbands wit a number on and were told to return at 9am to queue. We were number 63 and 64! We waited in Costa alongside with other barbz and returned at 9am. We got into our queue and had to queue in the number order of our wristbands so that its fair on everyone who arrived early! We waited till 4pm and my mum came to collect our queue stuff such as sleepingbags and coats. I got changed into my tour outfit too:) We got given pink wristbands aswell to show we had a tkt. We got told the ppeople with the number wristbands got early entry so we were standing up for ages. But then we FINALLY got let inside and they wouldnt let us run to the stage or they would send us to the back of the queue so we speed walked literally lmao. We got second row and we were standing on the metal thing. It was as if we were front row though cause our heads were between two people so we didnt have anyone blocking our view! MishaB came out and she was really good! Then Tyga came out and he was really good too and got 15 girls on stage and after he cam to the front of the crowd and touched everyones hands pauz. Then finally Nicki came on stage! it was amazing, the entry was on POINT! we were going crazy she opened to COAC! then had 5 outfit changes! she also slided down a pole on stage OMG i was going cray lol. She came close to the crowd and i caight eye contact with her several times! it was truely amazing!! The whole show was great! after the show finised we went and waited for her to come out of the carpark we waited for 1hr and 20mins and then had to leave as we were in sleavless tops and it was like 0degrees! But i was so mad cause i saw on twitter a barb wrote 20mins later shejust held her hand from the car :( so if id waited 20 more mins i wuld of seen her!!! OH well! it was still amazing!!! Check out my tour footage here:
For now, ITS BARBIE BITTTTTTTTTTTTCH. love yall xoxo

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