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M4L 28/03/15

By: Katy_Barb

I don't really use MPF anymore but I wanted to make a post about The Pinkprint tour, UK.
Ok so I finally got my M4L and met Nicki!!!! I've been waiting for so long and I finally met her ive never felt so blessed.

London 28/03/15:
We had general admission for the london show, so queued from about 7am until the doors opened at 6.30pm.. Queued almost 12hours but was worth every second! Let me start of by saying the show was so fucking amazing. I've been to every one of her tours and she just exceeds expectations omgah it was LIT!!! Because there were lots of vip with early entry we didn't get to the front row but we're third row however, the crowd were really crazy and somehow we got pushed back like 4 rows:'( I was in so much pain and was so hot but it was worth the pain to see her performing! Anyway, after the show had finished we went to Wagamamas which was the only place open where we could get a drink, my mouth has never been so dry ahhaha! We downed like two drinks in 2.5 seconds! Anyway after that we met up with some barbz & headed to the exit to wait for nicki to come out. I had a strong feeling I would meet her as she stopped for people in other european countries but I had no idea how amazing it would actually be! After about an hour and a half nicki's car pulled up and everyone jumped up. I was in so much shock when she stepped out the car.. She was so tiny and adorable:') there was only about 15-20 people waiting so the crowd wasn't very crazy and everyone was being respectful! She took two group pictures one of which im in! Somehow I ended up standing right next to her and I was in complete shock, she's so beautiful. My friend asked her to sign her boob and then she signed another girls boob and so I asked her 'Nicki please can you sign my boob?' Im suprised she didn't say no seen as I look about 13 lol. But naw NICKI SIGNED MY BOOB! ???? before she signed it she asked grizz to record us all and then got him to take a picture of the four of us! I then handed her a card Id written her thanking her for everything. She thought I wanted her to sign it but I was like 'no this is for you NIC' and she was like 'aw thank you!' Shortly after that she left. I was so high on life, so happy to meet my fave! She's so amazing to her fans! The next morning I woke up and she had uploaded a picture which grizz took of us to Instagram ???? I feel so blessed. I love her for life!

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