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By: Katy_Barb

I also saw Nicki in Birmingham on the 03/03/15

We stayed two nights at a hotel near the arena as Birmingham is about 3 hours away from my house! The night before the show was good because another fan was staying in the same hotel as us (Reece) and two other fans had come to visit him (Maisy and Layton) once I realised we were in the same hotel I messaged then and they came to our room so was nice to meet them after following them on Twitter for years! I was general admission and started queuing from 7am like in London. We met Summah, Garleah and Rakim in the queue but it was raining and we were meant to be queueing outside all day but thankfully the people at the arena let us into a multi story car park to queue! They also had a good system where they numbered people in order of who arrived first I was number 39 I believe! We went back to the hotel to get ready because the arena people felt sorry for numbers 1-60 so let us leave from like 12pm until 3pm! It was so good because I was able to take a shower and warm up hahaha! We got into the arena and I had a good position behind two VIP people shorter than me so could see the stage perfectly ^_^ that show exceeded my expectations even more! It was amazing seeing her again and I got a better view so was able to make eye contact with Nicki! I loved it and meeting everyone was such an amazing experience like ppl I have followed on Twitter for years and spoken to loads like summah and finally getting to meet them! Friendships for life which I've made thru nic, can't thank her enough! After the show we ran back to the hotel to get blankets as it was so close then went to the exit but it was soooo busy. Everyone was so cold we were all trying to huddle together and then we saw nickis dancers and after that Nicki came out in her car. Lots of people met her which I was so happy for them especially those who were only going to one show and were able to get that m4l. The crowd was so big and a lot of people were pushing and almost pushed Nicki into her car so I just stood back. It was still amazing seeing her that close again! She took three pictures but only uploaded two of which a tiny bit of my head is in but I'm sure the third picture which was taken Us lot are more in it but it wasn't uploaded! I wasn't bothered tho as I already had an amazing picture with her ^_^ all in all Birmingham was amazing and I had such fun meeting everyone and the show was great :)

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