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By: Katy_Barb

I booked to see Nicki in Nottingham last minute as I decided I wanted to have a vip experience at least once! I was so glad I booked as it was an amazing experience and I couldn't wait to see other TM like Reece james and summah again. We stayed two nights at a hotel near the arena and it was quite chilled as we didn't have to wake up at 6am like the last show! We got up at 10am and went to the arena at 11.30am to see the queue and meet up with others. We then went into town to get some food and met Reece and went back to our hotel to get all our stuff and get ready to queue in the vip queue. Me Reece billie and James were all vip so went down together. There wasn't many of us in vip queue so we were basically guaranteed to be at the front of the arena in the middle ( which we were) it was amazing. We got let in and the crowd was really calm I honestly felt like it was just the front row in the arena it felt so intimate and I had loads of space for once! The show was so good and I was stood next to james which was good because he managed to catch a merchendise tshirt which the dancers threw into the crowd! Me billie and James were joining in with the choreo with nic and she kept looking at us and smiling and laughing ^_^ after the show finished we ran back to the hotel to get warm clothes and blankets again. I had brought Nicki some snacks and cookies and a little Easter teddy and a card in a gift bag. We weren't shore whether Nicki would come out to see us afterwards as she was quite sick from touring:( I wanted what was best for her health but wanted to say good bye to her! There were so many people waiting and loads of crazy fans chanting Nicki to come out which was annoying but yah. Nicki decided to come out to see her babies even tho she was sick bless her:'( she took quite a few pictures but hasn't uploaded them so I'm not sure whether I'm in any of them. Everyone went past the barrier to see her but me summah and lishe decided to stay behind the bar. We asked sherika to bring Nicki back over so we could speak to her and she did :') Nicki started signing my TPP album and I told her she signed my boob in London and she looked up at me, smiled and said 'i did ^_^' then I told her I got her some cookies and she took my gift bag and was like 'thank you darling' In a British accent! I feel like she did the British accent cuz she thought my accent sounded 'posh' like the British accent she does haha! I then told sherika I got her cookies because the other day Nicki had tweeted saying that sherika and grizz stole her cookies lmao I was telling sherika to not take them and she was like 'hell no she isn't having them' haha sherika is so cute and funny. We also met the whole of nickis crew including the singers and dancers they were all lovely! It was a perfect ending to the most perfect two weeks. I loved every minute of The Pinkprint tour even camping out! Thank you so much Nicki for making me so happy like no one understands unless you are TM how it feels! I'm so happy I got to meet so many amazing people too!
I can't wait to see Nicki On July 5th and July 8th at wireless and the festival in Milan! Love you Onika xoxoxooxo

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    On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 1:17 AM, FallonBarb said:

    I'm gutted nicki never posted the Nottingham one's cause she held my arm do you think she ever will or there is any way we could get her or Alex to upload them at some point :)?

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