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  1. Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 3:02 PM

    True Confidence on May 31,2013

    My Queen/Idol made my confidence about my looks today, she called me " Cayute " she made me feel legit! My picture is on her TL, she clockedT me and my PinkPill From now on I am confidence about my appearance. I feel that " the most gorgeous woman on earth " called/thinks I'm pretty! Than I kno i am, till this day , if anyone called me Ugly, ima Lmfco cause my Queen dnt think so, nor God! I...

  2. Thu, May 3, 2012 at 1:00 AM

    My 2nd M4L

    Nicki Minaj Gave  Me An Shout Out An Told Me Hi Today\Tonight  5.2.12 At 7:28pm On #BBR ! ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????  Also Today I Was Air On BBR ! My First Time , So Blessed (: Thank God ! 

  3. I Was on Twitter Tweetin Nicki To Follow Me And I Wish She Do , Cause I'm Dying For It And Every Day Ima Tweet Her To Follow Me And If She See This Follow Me And 4 Or 2 Minutes Later Oomf Tweet Me That Omg She Did And I Was Like She Follow You They Was Like No I Wish ! ;( So I Look At My Followers And It Said NICKIMINAJ Follows You . so I go to get Paqe an look at who She follow and my name...

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