Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 1:18 PM

I'm Backkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

hey yall....ive been gone for a while...a long while but im back!!! ive been gone bc my parents thought i needed a break from everything so we went on vacation.....needless to say,i had fun but i missed yall soooomuch!!!and omg!!! im in high school now as a freshman and on the first day, i was TERRIFIED! but im not anymore and im looking for the Mr. Right. but ive been thinking about it and i dont need to be settling down no time soon...i dont like the idea of being tied down.... plus, there's only one boy i see my self with (im just gonna call him carlos due to his privacy) but check this out.. on the second day of school, he basically asked me out and i was like OMG! THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME WHAT SHOULD I DO?? a lot of thoughts were running through my mind but i was like i dont need a boyfriend right now....i just need a good friend that i can confess to.... and he was like okay, that'll be me....but now when he sees me in the hallway, he's always huggin on me and calling me his babe....dont get me wrong...he's not ugly..OMG!! mysister scared the living hell out of me yesterday!! i thought she was outside with her boyfriend but when i went to go get her, she was nowhere to be found and his car was gone...i knew he left and went home but i thought that she was still home...yall i swear i thought she was kidnapped and iwas about to run down the street in my sleepers....and one last writing a book....ill post it on my blog when im far everyone says its good but idk yet.......look at me, starting my dreams of becoming a writer.......:) well, thats all for now....hopefully more later!!!!!!!!!!!!!mwuahhhh

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