Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 11:54 PM

When "Sisters For Life" drift apart...

Yesterday I got into a fight with my once best friend/ sister. It made me sad, i even cried. Usually when i get into fights with other people, i never cry. But since this was with my old best friend, it broke my heart. Today everything in my world exploded, it was completely destroyed because of one single text. Lets just say i couldn't even sit in class with out my eyes watering. That single text ruined me. It ruined everything. Even when you think that you'll always be friends with your middle school friends. Sometimes that can change within a couple of minutes. For me it did. I thought that we would stay best friends forever. Obviously today i was proven wrong. The thing is... they say it's my fault that we drifted apart, but it really isn't. It's mostly one of the other's fault for excluding me from everything, i just got super mad and the other decided to give up. What really hurts is that we made a promise to each other about lying. We should never lie to one another. Always tell the truth to each other no matter what. One of them broke it, so i got mad. Those aren't just it, it's also cause one of them treats me like a slave, just like my sisters do. She takes my stuff without my permission, cuts me off constantly, tells me to finish her assignments for her, and of course excludes me from everything. That's why we aren't friends, because i was trying to prove a point, they blame every little thing on me, and i became the outcast.

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