Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 5:33 PM

The Upcoming Generation

Has anyone else noticed how corrupt our upcoming generation has become? More sluts, hoes, whores, bad relationships, people are getting stupider, the numbers of teen pregnancies has shy rocketed, etc. etc. Honestly I am very much ashamed to be part of this new upcoming generation. I'm not one of those who are making the stupid decisions. But I'm one of those who was affected by those people. I lost some of my closest friends because they chose drugs over friendship. I even lost some friends because they became so stupid when it came down to boys. I gave all the advice i could to my friend about her relationship problems. Wanna know what she did? Chewed hem up, spat them right out. She was horribly affected by this new generation. I saw girls who were 13 and were pregnant. That's sad. I honestly think this generation is the most corrupt, ridiculous, and just plain stupid. Teens who are 13, 14, 15, etc. who are smoking and even dealing. Guys being bigger jerks than they ever were, girls are sleeping around by the age of 15, and more and more people are being brainwashed by the social media. I'm a young teenager who is part of this upcoming generation, and I'm honestly ashamed to be part of it. I don't smoke, drink, sleep around (i've never even had sex and don't plan to for a long time), I'm just a normal teenage girl who's trying to make the best decisions for her future, and I'm being surrounded by idiots who think it's more important to have "Swagg" than to have education. I would rather have education and success than swagg and drugs. Wow, this generation, it's gonna ruin this world. I think people should think twice about what's going on around them and realize how stupid they are being. Education over being "cool" any day for me

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