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Well, wow, it's been a while. Let's catch up, shall we? :) So my boyfriend and i broke up. (He broke up with me and lied about the reason for doing it.) He said it was to protect me, but really, he wanted his ex girlfriend back. I knew he wuld, but i hoped it wasnt around the time of my birthday. That event put me in a major depression. Thing is, i never thought that i would learn from it and eventually be going out with my best friend. He's wonderful. (New guy) Now that i think of it, before my current boyfriend, I've never truly had a REAL relaitonship. Either my "relaitonships" were beased off of dares, bets, or just straight up being put to it. Ever since my last horrible "relaitonship" it's become a habit of mine to ask guys 'do you really wanna be with me, or did someone put you up to it?' when i asked that to my current boyfriend, he was a little hurt that i would ask such a quesiton, but he understood why. His answer still makes me smile. He said with pride 'No one put me up to it, no one except my heart.' That truly made me realize, all the other guys, don't matter, never did matter, and will no longer matter. They are simply figments of my past, and will not be a part of my future. I say mwith pride, 'I am in a committed and TRUE relaitonship. It warms my heart to know that I'm with someone who truly wants to be wiht me. A friend of mine had a giant crush on me, and was going to ask me out. (The day my boyfriend asked me out) I told him he was too late. Then he said 'Wow, you really hurt me. I was going to break up wiht my girlfriend for you. For US. I was gonna treat you like my queen. The one you deserve to be. I was gonna make both our hopes stop being hopes, and become our reality.But i guess I'm too late. I hope you know how much you hurt me.' I never asked him to break his girlfriend's heart, to dump her for me, to make me a queen, and I especially didn't know he would do such a thing. 1) I would prefer he and her remain together 2) I don't want his girlfriend getting hurt 3) I didn't know he would wanna ask me out 4) A guy who would drop his girl as soon as someone else came into the picture, that's just wrong. Finally, 5) I've been with a handful of guys like him. It doesn't end pretty. I'm finally happy, why would i want something that wouldn't last more than a few weeks? (he and his girl were about to be one month, then i came along. I don't want anyone getting hurt. Especially not her. She's really nice) Other than that nonsense, my most recent exes have been trying to re-enter my life. One of them even tried getting to my little cousin to try and get my number. She was smart to not give it to him, but not smart enought o tell him he has no right at all to be in my life anymore. Damn, life lately, it's complicated. My other ex, (the super most recent one) he texted me. I replied. Thing is, i fooled him. He now thinks i changed my number. :) No more drama like that for a while (I hope) Well, that's enough recap for a while. Oh wait, i forgot something; My birthday passed. My current boyfriend bought me Starbucks and canday ^.^ (before he asked me out) That made it clear he liked me. Until next time :) Bye dolls.
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