Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 1:20 AM

My Pain

By: CitiBoi

As these tears run down my face and my heart starts to race and I feel the pain in my heart wondering how we fell appart the pain is hurting me and I'm still wonering why. How and why would someone so sweet turn so sour. I sat there and cried for hours because I thought you really loved me but you only wanted one thing from me. Had me thinking that what we had was real but then I opened my eyes and it revealed the naked truth. So I sat ther and asked myself... "Now what do I do?" It's going to be hard to get over you because deep deep down inside im still in love with you. But I feel like I have to let you go and it hurts just to know that this could be the end. you were everything to me and I dont think you ever realised that. I was willing to do any and everyhting for you. I would do so much for you and it's like you never even noticed but I never held that against you. You were my heart, my friend, my love, and my ride or die but I guess thats all over now and Im wondering how? How could a love so strong just go so wrong? UGH!!!! And this pain you gave me runs deep into my veins and traveled to my heart. It broke into two and fell apart. Why must I feel such a pain like this? I sat there and cried in vein MAD and HURT at the person who hurt me. I was stupid to think you would never do this to me. I thought you loved me? But I guess I thought wrong and the feelings you had for me a probably gone so I guess it's time for me to dry my eyes and realize that where through and that there is never going to be another me and you..... ~Devon Jones~

Hey everyone who read my note. i hope you liked it. It came from the broen heart I had at one point in my life not too long ago. At the time I wrote this I was depressed, I felt like I lost everything, my world felt shattered. It was something me and my ex were going through at the time. I wish we got the chance to make things right but Like they say everything happens in given time. I'm sure that one day God will bring us together to make things right. I pray that nobody ever has to go through the pain that i went through. It's like something unimagenable. It was crazy and I'm glad that with the suport of the amazing friends that I was blessed with I was able to ge through it all. There are time where I think about the past but I just have to remember that God has us breakup for a reason and that reason was to learn from the mistakes we mad so that way we dont have to make them again. I hold nothing against my ex and wish nothing but the best. alright well thanks for reading.

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