Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 10:02 PM

Hammersmith 24th June!!

Okay, been reading reveiws on the Pink Friday tour at Hammersmith on sundaaay. And tbh, they aint all great :L I was there, and man was I triiiipping!! She went so hard. We waited in line allll day and then she was a little late but fuck that shit! When she did come we we amaaazed! Feel slighlty bad fo stooshe cus we wernt loving them too much, but no fault of theres we just wanted the nicktsaaa! (: every time the curtian moved the crowd wen hype! "Nicki, nicki, nicki!!" was echoeing through the appolo. When she came out though, maaaan! Not one person stopped rapping up along with her the whole night and she was struck by how we knew every song, every verse and every mixtape. Everytime the dj started playing the intro to monsta the crowd were shock! And she kept stopping him playing it to trip us out By the end of the night she loved us! She finished up saying "I fucking love you london, ima move here!" Fuck nicki, we love you too!!

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