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But I Don’T Think Williams Really Wants

In a Tuesday morning interview with KGMZ-FM in San Francisco, Williams balked at the idea that Incognito's actions qualify as hazing or bullying in the uniquely demanding culture of professional football.Williams said, "It takes some awareness and some planning and some orchestration to actually save those and record those..(Martin) is fighting (Incognito), but he's just doing it in his own way.If we're going to talk about the story as a hazing story, I think they're both victims.I think the truth is never going to come out.One guy has a paid vacation.And one guy has a vacation that's not paid right now"."It's not inflammatory if it's your family," Williams said."When you look at a team, especially two guys that play the same position, and you really understand how much time they spend together, you can't put it in the context that you would put it outside of a family setting.It's not fair and it's not right for people on the outside to judge and try to figure out what's going on the inside, because most of the people on the outside wouldn't last a week on an NFL team".Jonathan Martin might want to take advice from Ricky Williams.But I don’t think Williams really wants to do is mocking him.Martin said he shouldn’t blame anyone about this, like he said, if you don’t like the atmosphere in the league then you can just go.
.Williams got some points but maybe Martin is trying to make things better and we should focus on the games but not other irrelevant stuff.
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