Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 3:31 AM

T0 All ThE SURfb0ARd ChiCkS!

i AM SiCk 0f SEEiNq All ThE Nicki MiNAj hATERS! l0l likE SERi0USlY qiVE iT UP! i SWEAR NiCki iiS A bEAST!! &Nd iTS TiME ShES qiVEN hER RESPECT! S0 MANY hATERS iiN ThiS W0Rld..bUT WhAT YAW fAiliNq T0 REAliZE iiS WhEThER YAW likE hER 0R N0T ShE'S STill qETTiNq M0NEY! S0 iTS A WASTE 0f TiME lMA0! iMA bARbiE &Nd iM PR0Ud!

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