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So the supposed Lil Kim come back has now hit world star hip hop and i cant stress it more that Nicki has haters out the ass! Lil Kim claims she like the mother of nicki I beg to differ! I mean nicki has come out with stuff that is similar to Kim and done songs that are similiar to her style but she is nothing like Lil Kim. Nicki has class she comes out with songs that young Barbz and Ken Barbz can relate to. The olnly reason that i believe Kim is mad is because some one said that Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross are the new Lil Kim and Biggie. Which I mean who can blame them they are hot on the scene right now. I mean I just cant wait cause if/when Nicki retaliates its going down. So many people hate on Nicki because I believe they dont understand her! Well Nicki I think it s time! I mean you've done a good job now but I think its time that you really really really show the bum bitches what you're made of! It's barbie bitch! go roman on em!

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    On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 1:05 AM, CashleyNika said:

    Exactly! kim is just hatin cuz Nicki is hot right now. i mean like, everybody goes away. the bitch just cant deal wit it. &that just goes to show how immature she is. like first of all kim, you are waaaaayyyyyy older than Nicki & you sittin here arguin wit her? claimin you a real bitch but when nicki ask you is everything good wit yall, you respond & say yeaa everything good. knowin damn well that is not how you felt. if you a real bitch, be real about ya shit. cuz Nicki was real enuff you confront you to clear things up & ya bitch ass gon lie. for what? you scurred?! yea. &now you got a "diss" to Nicki lmaoooo you think you doin somethin?! niggas gassin ya head up?! i think so. if you the Queen, then congratulate bitches on their success. dont hate. cuz thats just showin that you`re for no ass reason. &you started this whole shit! cuz Nicki always gave you ya props. but ya ass was too ungreatful & mad so you looked passed that & tried to come at her. so now that Nicki killed you on RomansRevenge, you wanna put out a wack ass "diss" that aint sayin shit. now Nicki gon kill yo ass AGAIN! lmaooooo shoulda neva said nuthin in the first place. #ItssssBarbieBiiiiiiiiittttttttttcccccchhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

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    On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 12:02 AM, Yvettie24 said:

    I Agree
    She got more haters than Kanye and Obama combined.
    She is a VERY misunderstood person who doesnt like to be boxed in.

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