Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 10:32 PM

PFR TeamMinaj Review

By: Janielle

Last night I was going to blog when I tuned into PFR... following on the the heels of the night's before TMR show, the topic was "Why are you Team MInaj?"... I tuned in not knowing at the end of the next 90mins I would be in tears... I heard testimonies of the Team that just broke my heart, they share the same feeling as I do. If you missed it, try relistening but it was really heart felt and on point... Team Minaj means so much to different ppl, it is a global epidemic... We share as some say a connection but its deeper than that, its really a kindred spirit.. almost like a marriage of the souls united by the love for one is truly amazing... the positivity coming from TM is the invisible glue that binds us together.. I love Team I would die for People...They are always on the tablet of my heart... ReEvaluate yourself... Are you really Team Minaj?... Stay Blessed, Stay Beautiful, Stay Strong... Janielle xoxo

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