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Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded Album signing @ Best Buy in Harlem (my experience)

It was 11;30 p.m April 2nd.......I walked from my house in Harlem all the way to the East River Plaza Best Buy.I walked alone(pushing my chair and purse in a shopping cart),still kinda weak (i was sick a week prior),pissed that "ppl" who said they where gonna go with me didn't go.Nicki tunes bumping in my ears i kept trekking.I finally reach to E.117th st and i see a crowd of 250 ppl laying on the sidewalk,in sleeping bags,inflatable mattresses and shit.I was somewhat prepared compared to the ppl i have seen.Me,my shopping cart,chair,purse and oh so handy M&Ms blanket made our way to the line.I met some cool ppl.This one girl named Lisa,one girl who had a cast on her foot (she was cool she gave me RedBull....sad i 4got her name lol) and these two sweet gay boys.Three outta the four i now follow on twitter.I cant remember the boys names or the cool girl who gave me RedBull.Lisa bought me green tea,we all sat up drank RedBull,chatted,had snacks.It was such a warm and delightful feeling I shared with total stranger.Even though I have never met any of them til that night...I felt a special bond between us....that bond is Nicki Minaj.I froze my ass off that night but it was worth it.Around maybe 4:30am I had gotten someone to pick up the chair and the cart cuz i got annoyed with pushing it around.Time went pretty fast it's now 8am and they are getting us lined up to purchase Roman Reloaded.I was running on lil or no energy but yet I was still pumped.I could sense that i was one step closer to getting the "golden ticket'.Well more like a highlighter green Best Buy wristband.That's what screwed me up last album signing I didn't know you need one to get in.Now armed with the receipt,my deluxe and standard copies,t-shirt, and wristband I was ready to take me but home.It took me 20 minutes to hail a cab.By the time I got home I was beat and it was 10:30am!!!!!!!I was up 11:30 pm til 10:30am.[ATE BREAKFAST AND WENT TO SLEEP]**"Starships" is going off on my alarm***.....IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP AGAIN!!AHHHH!!!I wake up shower (lord knows I needed one....yikes!),picked out my outfit,hair makeup and BAM!! out the door again.Back to where the wait began at E.117th.....*sigh*.Stood on line for maybe 3hrs more before I actually got into Best Buy.Security and police was beefed up.Power 105.1 was out there.[**STEPS INTO BEST BUY TO BE GREETED BY "YOUNG FOREVER" BLARING FROM THE SPEAKERS**]......ok at this point tears are building up in my eyes,my heart is racing a million miles a minute.I cant friggin' believe this....its really happening I'm gonna meet NICKI MINAJ!!!!!!Record after record we sang and went bananas!!Nicki got up and danced.SB high-5'd the crowd!!!This is my time now.....I'm in front of the HB herself,in the flesh!!!!

Hi Nicki I have waited hours and hours for this very moment
.She smiles and signs.She looks up at me and says
That lipstick looks good on you barb (her MAC VIVA GLAM LIPSTICK...HELL YEAH I WORE IT)
.i then continue to say thank you and then SB turns to me and says
Oh and I like your hair too
.I had then biggest friggin Kool-Aid smile on my face.I felt honored.To get such good compliments from Nic and SB!!!.That night gave me L.I.F.E!!!!I left Best Buy with joy and happiness.I could not stop ranting about it on my way home to the cab driver.I then showed everyone at home,put it on FB,Twitter,and texted pics to my baby bro.He was even proud of me and excited as well.To all the haters and non-believers out there dreams do come true.My dream turned into a adventure.An adventure that was worthwhile!!!!I went along for the crazy ride,and got to meet my idol.I'm glad I accomplished this for myself and to prove to ppl how much of Nicki fan,Barb,Minajian whatever you wanna call me lol!!! #NICKIMINAJ4LIFE

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