Mon, May 7, 2012 at 11:30 AM

Minaj Update

She’ll maybe perform Go Hard and Sweet Dreams on the tour
The RBMS video is “def a movie”
Nicki won’t attend to the Billboard Music Awards 2012 because she’ll be on tour
She’ll probably shoot a video for OOMM with B.o.B
She “really loves her scene” on the TITTH video with DJ Khaled
Save Me, Fire Burns, Roman’s Revenge and Did It On ‘Em are the favourite songs she wrote
She’ll make a tour video diary
The BITT choreo for the tour is “MAD ratchet”
She’s “over the bob” (wig) now
She’ll probably come back on Fall to the cities she’s doing tour this May/June
Nicki will wear the pink/black wig again.
She knows alredy the name of her fragance.
She’ll perform Marilyn Monroe on the tour.
Nicki wrote Masquerade for Adidas. (So they’ll probably use that song on the Nicki’s ad)
She won’t add more M&Gs once they’re sold out.
The Right By My Side video is her favourite of all her career.
Nicki will begin her acting career on 2013.

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