Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 3:07 PM

Brisbane Concert - 16th May, 2012 !

It was worth waiting 5 HOURS at the gate for you barbz, worth every minute of it. Your so special to me, you bring so much life into people and thats what makes them happy. As soon as those gates opened I ran even though we weren't allowed too, I couldn't help myself! Good thing I ran because I got to the FRONT of the door. Waiting there at the door was so fun because we heard the rehearsals and everyone behind us got along so well, we were all playing your music really loud and just interacting with each other. A sudden surprise, your good old friend SB came around the corner and I got photos and autographs and that was a good memory!

It got to the time to go inside and I blocked everything form the outside world and just focused on getting to the front and guess what, IT WORKED! I was so excited to finally see you in person, I was about to cry. It was pushy and hot but that soon got over my mind as Stan Walker went on stage, he really got the show pumped!

Even though you came on 15 minutes late, everyone new you would come on any second and when those lights went down I SCREAMED AND SCREAMED AND SCREAMED my head off like there was no tomorrow! I was so excited I couldn't believe it. I'm still overwhelmed about the fact that I saw you in person with my own to eyes even though it was been about 5 weeks since the show.

The curtains dropped and the lights came on and EVERYONE was amazed at the set and your costumes and everything! You sounded so amazing and really amped up the show for the next sequence. I enjoyed every fucking minute of it barbz. I loved it so much that I have the WHOLE concert recorded and when you pointed to me and smiled, I LOVED IT SO MUCH!


You entertained the whole crowd for the whole night and really focused on making everyone in the centre feel loved, not just the mosh pit! I love the way you change your style and act weird because it makes people like me feel good about myself and like I should feel normal around people and not care what they think. I would have to say I am your biggest fan and I love the things you do for people, you make them smile and have a chance to be happy. I feel like I need to cry because I don't personally know you but hopefully one day you read this and we meet and become really close because that is one of my top priority goals in life; is to meet the most amazing person on earth, you!


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