Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 9:47 PM

viva glam nicki, adidas #origianals and other stuff xoxo

By: erinnnn

okayyyy, the other day i took a day trip up to glasgow, and got a nicki poster(it is beautiful btw);), and i went into frasers and saw they had the M.A.C viva glam, nicki lipstick. i tried it on and thought it was gorgeous but never bought it. WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH MY HEAD?! aww well. i went home and deicided i needed it, so went back up 2 days later:)) i have it on right now(even though its like 20 to 11 and im just about to go to bed), and i laaaaav it! okay 2nd point, when is nicki going to do her clothing line?? i CAN NOT WAIT! it will be amazing i just know it! so i am guessing that she is teaming up for adidas for it then? i just saw a picture of a flyer/poster of her on twitter and it said adidas origianals:))! 3rd point, SHE SENT US KISSES! all the barbz in scotland! hehe i got over excited about that:)) but then the *sigh* so im taking it the sigh was because we are not getting a tour date:(? and the kisses were sorry kisses? aww well atleast she tried:')! okay 4th point now haha, my mypinkfriday hasnt been working properly:( it has been going really slow and its not letting me read or reply to mails! so im sorry to anybody i have been ignoring:(! okay ths is like the longest thing ever, but my last question,,, who won the starships/bitt contests? dying to see the winning videos! okay im away now, idek why i bother writing these, i bet nobody reads them haha:L,, bye barbzzz xox

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