Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 10:09 PM

so sad. ily babe

Daddy Was A Crack Fiend. Two In The Morning Had Us Runnin' Down The Block Like A Track Team.
When He Burned The House Down And My Mother Was In It, How Could I Forqet It, The Pain Was Infinite.
She's My Queen And I Ain't Even British. She's The Only Reason That I Went To School And I Finished.
She Told Me That I Had Talent, Got On Her Knees And Prayed For Me When I Started Being Violent. She
Saw Something In Me That, Til This Day I Don't Know If I Could Be That. But I'ma Die Trying. And When I'm Done
Crying, Grab The Iron , Black Out Like I'm Retiring. NightMares Of Yu Killing My Mother,
The Reason That I Sleep With My Head Under The Covers. And They Shoulda Thrown The Book At You,
Cause I Hate You So Much That It Burn When I Look At You.

i love you nicki .. your a strong woman

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